Software Developer

Lagos, Nigeria
₦100,000 / Month Expired 1 year ago
This job has expired.



A Software Developer is needed for LadyBird School, the teacher must be vested in Tech and on Digital Media skills, he/she must have an NCE, BSC or equivalent in any science course.

He/She must have at least 2 Years of experience in the mentioned area.

HE/She must be neat, have a good IQ and must be efficient in English.

He/She must possess the skill to think on their feet and must be able to communicate and plan using STEM related model to impact the kids.

What You Will Do

  1. Manage the school server
  2. create log in and manage the school portal
  3. Must be diligent in updating new programs and new event into our social media pages.
  4. Must have the relevant skills in student registration



This job has expired.