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STEMLead is a subsidiary of LearnHub.Africa, an organization dedicated to the widespread advancement of Digital and Vocational skills in Africa. STEMLead is an ecosystem that supports the advancement of STEM education through the provision of a job recruitment platform for educators and learning institutions.
A lack of quality STEM Education is holding back Africa's socioeconomic growth potential & will deprive its youth population of quality career opportunities in the future. Starting with Nigeria, our immediate goal is to capture & Empower 15,000 teachers with STEM & Digital Skills, who will in turn have the capacity to directly impact 200,000 students with quality STEM Education in various schools across the country.



Our primary goal is to capture, retrain, equip & incentivize 15,000 educators in Nigeria to become active STEM Education advocates.

We hope to support the formation and sustenance of over 5,000 STEM clubs in various schools across the country.



Through our network of STEM clubs and STEM Educators, we intend to impact over 200,000 students in Nigeria.

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